Barnardo's LANS and Family Support Sevices

Lanarkshire Attachment and Nurture Service (LANS) provides early years intervention and support services to young children and their parents/carers. We offer a range of services encompassing Individual Support; Groupwork programmes and family work. Barnardo’s and Kate Cairns Associates (KCA) have a unique model to partner with schools and communities.

With a strong focus on capacity building, we support staff to confidently use the KCA Five to Thrive (FTT) approach to promote secure attachment and resilience.

Our nurture facilitators are trained to deliver support sessions in various settings e.g. home, or community based resources and can include: Book Bug sessions, baby and Infant Massage; Play; Arts and Crafts; Baking; Cooking on a budget; First Aid; Weaning; Activities and Trips. Support packages are tailored to individual needs ensuring active participation. Staff will respond to needs in the best interest of the child, whilst maintaining support for the parent(s).

Closing the attainment gap for children from disadvantaged families and communities requires a partnership approach and intensive support. This support needs to take place:

• Before children get to school

• In the nursery

• During the transition from nursery to primary school

• In primary school

• In the early stages of secondary school

We call this the Continuum of Support for Better Attainment. Barnardo’s Scotland is working across

Scotland in partnership with parents, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, using a model based on this Continuum.

Funded through NLC Early Years Change Fund. Spot Purchase agreements also available.

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