Drop in Cafe Chat Connect Cuppa

We are a small local organisation, staffed by trained volunteers, that provides a healthy life style information resource called the Drop IN Cafe Chat Connect Cuppa. We are in the heart of Cumbernauld, serving the town, the northern corridor and the surrounding villages. The Drop IN Cafe is open to all, but it is especially aime at people who may need some extra encouragement and support to get involved in the community. We combine an informal cafe setting with an information hub to let people know what is happening in the community with the hope that they will become more involved in community life and so improve their social well-being. Within the Cafe itself there are opportunities to learn and develop skills and interests, and to meet local service providers as well as make and meet friends for a chat and get together. There is a warm welcome for all at the Drop IN Cafe Connect Cuppa.

Cornerstone House Central (Downstairs)
1 Esk Walk
United Kingdom
01236 610440
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