Home-Start North Lanarkshire

Home Start works to support families with young children who are facing difficulties. We recognise the ongoing challenges of raising our children in the safest and most nurturing of environments whilst coping with the stresses of ill health, isolation, disrupted relationships, poor & insecure housing, financial insecurity, trauma, abuse and loss.

Home-Start NL provides this support through trained volunteer home-visiting, perinatal support, attending family/nurture group or VIG (video interactive guidance).


Our support has no timescales.

Service is for 2/3 hours support once per week, between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.


Home-Start NL provide a valued service by training and supporting Peer Volunteers in our communities. With this we can connect with families where they are, on their terms and for as long as is needed to build the confidence and relationships to give all our children the best possible start.

Home-Start North Lanarkshire
294 Main Street Bellshill
United Kingdom
01698 442 883
How do I get involved? : 
A reference from your GP
Through Social Work
Voluntary Organisation

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